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A Word About Legal Fees


In addition to their concerns about how to plan and pay for long-term care, clients are also rightly concerned about the amount of legal fees that might be charged by their attorney.

At Lamson & Cutner, P.C., we try to alleviate clients' concerns about legal fees by providing virtually all of our Elder Law services on a fixed fee basis. In other words, before you engage Lamson & Cutner to do any legal work on your behalf, you will be advised in advance of the exact amount of the fee, which will be set forth in a written agreement.

Lamson & Cutner will also set forth in writing a clear statement of the services that will be performed on your behalf, and any other terms or conditions that may apply. You will be able to decide for yourself in advance whether the firm’s fee is cost-effective for you.

Occasionally, a client will request special services that cannot be performed on a fixed fee basis. If such circumstances arise, you will be advised in advance and will have the opportunity to decide, before any fee or obligation is incurred, whether you want to proceed.

Lamson & Cutner wants its clients to be totally satisfied with the services they receive and the fees that they pay. Any questions or concerns about the firm’s fees or policies will be promptly and candidly addressed.

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